Today, security teams need to use multiple tools to get a complete picture of their organization’s cloud infrastructure and platform services, giving them a fragmented view of cloud security. That’s according to a new 451 Research report (download a free copy here). The report breaks down the current state of the cloud security market and provides an analysis of Wiz’s product strategy, technology, competitors, and more. It’s essential reading for anyone looking for an objective third-party perspective on Wiz and the rapidly developing cloud security market.

"Wiz represents a newer cohort of cloud security firms aiming to better align to how organizations go about deploying their cloud environments. This often means having strong API support and deeper understanding of both how the different elements fit together and how the threat landscape for cloud might be different".

- 451 Research, Wiz invokes an offering with a broad view into cloud security use cases, Fernando Montenegro, Matthew Utter, May 18, 2021

451 Research breaks down the cloud security market into security for SaaS applications, cloud workload protection, and cloud platform security. Security for SaaS applications is typically performed by cloud access security brokers (CASB) and identity as a service. Cloud workload protection solutions generally perform runtime security, detecting threats in real time. The report points out that Wiz’s focus on governance and the product’s capabilities around “defining, reporting, and possibly correcting the various security controls and configurations” put it in the category they define as cloud platform security.

"This is a market that is evolving as customers develop more experience with cloud platforms, as providers offer increased governance functionality, and as governance gets tackled as a use case by a growing number of third-party vendors".

The report explores several areas of Wiz’s technology and strategy:

  • The product’s deployment model and supported cloud environments.
  • Typical use cases for the product and how different teams within a company use Wiz.
  • The number and type of customers, funding, and investors.
"The key element for Wiz’s offering is that it builds a complex model of the multiple relationships between different elements in the cloud environment: cloud configurations, VM and container state, identities, secrets, networks, disk images, and more".