With Wiz, you can assess your compliance posture across industry standards and business units at a glance to immediately pinpoint your weak spots.

Assessing your organization’s compliance posture is challenging enough. Assessing it in a dynamic multi-cloud environment such as AWS, Azure, and GCP is that much harder. To help your organization achieve compliance, Wiz continuously assesses your cloud environment against industry standards and benchmarks (CIS, GDPR, NIST, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and many, many more).

Responding to our customers’ request for a simple way to monitor compliance posture at scale, across different standards, and business units, we envisioned an interactive heatmap that provides at-a-glance visibility across even the most complex cloud environments:

Our new compliance heatmap displays your organization’s compliance posture from a bird’s eye view. By offering a top-down approach, the heatmap allows you to drill down from a specific standard to its associated categories, all the way down to controls and resource-level assessments across different cloud accounts and business units.

The compliance heatmap makes it simple for healthcare, financial, government, and other regulated organizations to report, track and maintain their compliance.

Wiz helps every organization rapidly remove the most critical risks in their cloud environments. Connect in minutes and discover the toxic combinations across the security stack along with the attacker's view to a breach. Use Wiz to proactively remove risks and prevent risks from becoming breaches.